Missionary to Estonia

Reverend Margeret Sexton’s desire to follow God with all her heart has given her a special place in ours. A dear friend and sister in Christ, Rev. Margeret has been in Estonia for over 22 years where God has called her to serve and learn. Continuing faithfully, despite hurdles(understatement), to be a blessing and a conduit of the word of God and power of the Holy Spirit she truly is an example of what it is to be Christ-like. We are excited about the possibilities that are opening up before her.

Carriage House Inn

Many years ago we were invited to hold services every Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm at the Carriage House for residents. Happily we began what has become a multitude of friendships and wonderful memories. Being able to minister to the dear mature saints has been both a blessing and as ministers an amazing learning experience. We love having the opportunity to minister encouragement from God’s word. This feeling I know is reciprocal as we too are encouraged by their lifetime of faithfulness, living a Godly life. But isn’t that how it is really supposed to be one person helping another, one generation helping the next. Now That’s Cool.

Jail Ministry

As a church, we have been ministering to men and women in the Bedford county jail for over twenty-five years. We have teams of two to go into the jail and spread the gospel. God has been so good and many have come to know His goodness through this ministry.